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Turn over cards until you spot three matching Uglydolls. Then race like an Ice-Bat out of Heck to grab a match before they all get snatched. Claim the most cards and you claim the game. Winning isn't always pretty, but it's always fun!


Collect the most cards by quickly grabbing Uglydolls anytime you spot three of a kind.

  • Shuffle the cards & scatter them face down in the center of the playing area. (Cards can and should overlap.)
  • Starting with the youngest player, take turns flipping over cards face up onto the scatter of face down cards
  • As soon as you spot three identical Uglydolls anywhere in play, race (without taking turns) to grab as many matching cards as you can.
  • If you & another player both grab a card at the same time, the first one to shout “Mine!” wins the card.
  • If you grab a card when there are not three of a kind showing, you are penalized & must put one card from your personal pile out of play
  • Keep turning over cards & grabbing matches until all of the cards are face up. Then all players count up their cards & whoever has the most wins.

Recommended age:       8 & up
Estimated play time:       5 - 10 Minutes
Number of players:         3 - 6  
Game difficulty:              Very Easy

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