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Tumblin' Monkeys
Tumblin' Monkeys
Tumblin' Monkeys
Tumblin' Monkeys


Tumblin' Monkeys

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This game of skill and dexterity is easy to pick up & lots of fun to play with! As no reading is required to play, this game is perfect for players of younger age as well.
Pass the sticks through the holes across the tree to form a web of colored sticks & place the monkeys inside the tree. Players take turn to remove the stick once at a time. If Monkeys falls to the ground when the stick is remove the player keeps the Monkey & at the end of the game the player with the least amount of Monkeys wins!
​The setup is simple—but do you have a steady hand to win


The player who let the least Monkeys fall by the end of the game is the winner!

  • Set up by randomly placing sticks of any color through the holes on each level of the tree..
  • Drop the Monkeys from the top of the tree. If there is any Monkeys not hanging on a stick drop them in again from the top until all is hanging.
  • The youngest player goes first.
  • On their turn, players roll the die & remove a stick of the matching color rolled.
  • If all the sticks of one color have been removed and you roll that color, you’re the lucky one! You get to skip that turn.
  • If any monkeys fall from the tree when removing the stick during your turn, you must keep them.
  • Player who has the least number of Monkeys by the end of the game wins!

Recommended age:       5 & up
Estimated play time:      10 - 15 Minutes
Number of players:        2 - 4
Game difficulty:             Very Easy

Video Guide

Video Guide coming soon!


Game contains small plastic part which could be accidentally ingested by young children. Take precaution to keep them out of their reach.

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