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PS4 - TouKiden: Kiwami
PS4 - TouKiden: Kiwami
PS4 - TouKiden: Kiwami
PS4 - TouKiden: Kiwami


PS4 - TouKiden: Kiwami

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Go forth and eradicate the epic "Oni" menace!

"TOUKIDEN Kiwami" is the sequel to "TOUKIDEN", consisting of all the content from the original title plus the addition of various elements and stories. Players take on the role of a Slayer possessing unique abilities, and alongside other Slayers, battle the Oni (Demon) to save mankind from destruction. Band together to unleash the "Destroyer - Kiwami" attack and experience the ultimate Targeted Destruction System! Multiplayer for up to 4 players is supported.

In the world of Toukiden, Oni (Demon) have hidden in the shadows aiming to torment mankind. Throughout history, a secret caste of warriors, the Slayers, have been trained to dispose of the demonic threat before it could consume the world. However, an event called the ‘Awakening’ caused rifts to appear in space and time, causing places that had long disappeared from the world to resurface, unleashing hordes of demons that relentlessly hunted humans.

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