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Taboo is a party word game. Players take turns describing a word or phrase on a drawn card to their partner without using five common additional words or phrases also on the card. The opposing partners watch a timer and use a buzzer to stop the game, buzz the player describing if one of the five off limits words or phrases is used, or the describing player makes any gestures. The describing team gets a point for each card they guess successfully and the opposing team gets a point for each card they pass on, make gestures on, or lose for saying one of the off limits words or phrases. An excellent party game!


Get as many points before the time runs out! 

  • Describe the card without using the obvious clues
  • Don't mention the unmentionables or you lose the point
  • Game-changer die lets players change up the game

Recommended age:       12 & up
Estimated play time:       20 - 30 Minutes
Number of players:         4 - 10  
Game difficulty:              Easy

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