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Secret Hitler
Secret Hitler
Secret Hitler
Secret Hitler


Secret Hitler

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Secret Hitler is a dramatic game of political intrigue and betrayal set in 1930s Germany. Each player is randomly and secretly assigned to be a liberal or a fascist, and one player is Secret Hitler. The fascists coordinate to sow distrust and install their cold-blooded leader; the liberals must find and stop the Secret Hitler before it's too late. The liberal team always has a majority.


For liberal team is to pass five liberal policies or assassinate Secret Hitler
For fascist team is to pass six fascist policies or elect Secret Hitler chancellor after three fascist policies have passed. 

  • At the beginning of the game, players close their eyes.
  • Fascists reveal themselves to one another.
  • Secret Hitler keeps his eyes closed but puts his thumbs up so the fascists can identify him.
  • Liberals don't know who anyone is.
  • Each round, players elect a President and a Chancellor who will work together to enact a law from a random deck. 

Recommended age:       13 & up
Estimated play time:       30 - 45 Minutes
Number of players:         5 - 10
Game difficulty:              Slightly Advanced

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