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Poker Set - 500 Chips
Poker Set - 500 Chips
Poker Set - 500 Chips
Poker Set - 500 Chips

Poker Set - 500 Chips

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Texas Holdem Poker Set - 500 Chips

  • Everything you ever need for your full experience of poker night is packed in this slick silver aluminum case.
  • Comes with 500 Claytec, striped chips, each weighing only 11.5g of many assorted colors, 2 decks of quality playing cards with dealer, small blind, big blind tokens & 5 dices all included to let you have the full poker experience.
  • Durable aluminum case with lined interior & tray-style slots houses the entire set, protecting it from damage and scuffing while still looking slick & classy.
  • This Poker set is ideal for Texas Holdem, Blackjack, Tournaments or just a Casual Poker night and so on. Great for social gatherings events like Chinese New Year, Chalets & so on!
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