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Plague Inc: The Board Game
Plague Inc: The Board Game
Plague Inc: The Board Game
Plague Inc: The Board Game
Plague Inc: The Board Game
Plague Inc: The Board Game
Plague Inc: The Board Game


Plague Inc: The Board Game


Plague Inc: The Board Game is a strategic game of infection, evolution and extinction. Each player is a deadly disease competing against other players in a battle to be first to infect and wipe out the world! 

Based on the smash-hit digital game with over 85 million players, Plague Inc: The Board Game combines the best bits of the original game with a unique tabletop design. The result is a game with a realistic theme and engaging game play which can be enjoyed by anyone who likes the idea of infecting people with the plague!

You can choose to be a deadly strain of bacteria or a lethal virus and battle against each other to spread your plagues, developing new symptoms and ultimately wipe out humanity.

Starting with Patient Zero, you spread your infection across the world by placing tokens in cities - earning DNA points, evolving, infecting cities and preventing other players from becoming the dominant disease. 

Will you be the ultimate plague when the world collapses? 


In this game, you compete with other players to score as many DNA points as possible.

DNA points are scored by;

  • Having the most plague tokens in a country each turn.
  • Killing a country, or by having plague tokens in a country that is killed.
  • Winning bonuses based on your achievements

The player with the most DNA point scored at the end of the game wins!

    How to play


    Coming soon!

      Recommended age:       14 +
      Estimated play time:       50 - 70 minutes
      Number of players:         1 - 5
      Game difficulty:              Slightly Advanced

      • 1 World board
      • 4 Bacteria/Virus evolution slides
      • 4 DNA point marker
      • 49 Country cards
      • 62 Trait cards
      • 28 Event cards
      • 64 Plague tokens
      • 1 Card mat
      • 1 Death dice
      • 1 End game bonus card
      • 1 Rule book
      • 1 Quick guide
      Video Guide

      Video Guide coming soon!

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