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Pirate Boat Balance
Pirate Boat Balance
Pirate Boat Balance
Pirate Boat Balance


Pirate Boat Balance

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Arrrrr ye ready matey!?

In this simple yet exciting party game, players take turns trying to balance pirate penguins on the ship, but if you rock the boat, some mateys may fall overboard into the water!

Each player places their pirate penguins on the ship, trying not to tip it! Logical and strategic thinking come into play if you want to be the last player standing!

This party game is perfect for younger kids & adults alike! Adults can mix it up by turning it into one of the drinking games as well. 


Avoid making your penguin mateys fall overboard, if you did you lost the game!

How to play
  • We would suggest to come up with forfeit for the loser before the game starts.
  • Set up the game by piecing the wave pieces (Blue) together & placing it on a flat surface like the floor or table.
  • Snap the Masts into the main boat & balance it on the wave pieces.
  • Each player then take 8 (2 players), 5 (3 players) & 4 (4 players) penguins respectively, taking turn to place your mateys on board the ship.
  • Be careful not to upset the balance or you risk throwing the penguins overboard & get oust from the game!
  • If penguins falls but not overboard the game continues. The player that knocks down the penguin loses the game & acts out the forfeit!

Recommended age:       5 & up
Estimated play time:       5 Minutes
Number of players:         2 - 4
Difficulty:                        Very Easy


Game contains small plastic part which could be accidentally ingested by young children. Take precaution to keep them out of their reach.

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