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Gather the family together to play this game of handling finances. Pay Day comes at the end of the month & to make it there without going broke, players will have to manage their money wisely. Try to stack up the cash by finding bargains & selling them for a profit. Take out loans if necessary & watch out for those bills.

The game features a Pay Day die that adds unexpected twists and turns to game play. The player who can make & hang on to the most cash wins!

This game brings about valuable lessons on financial decision making & yet simple enough to be suitable for even the younger players. The roll and move aspect makes it an easy game to grasp and its real-world approach to finances gives them the chance to learn at the same time.


Earn cash, find bargains, sell items for a profit & be the player with the most cash in the end to win the game.

  • Players need to determine how many months (a month is one lap of the board) they will plan the game for. As the board is based on a 31 day calendar month, this refers to how many laps you play the game.
  • Two players are made as the banker and the loan record officer.
  • Player take turns rolling the dice & moves that many spaces along the board following the instructions of the space that they land on.
  • Throughout the game, players have the chance to make purchases, use loans to make purchases while making payments throughout the month.
  • Once a player makes it across the board, they collect their wages as well as 10% interest on any savings or pay 20% on any debts they owe.
  • This then continues for the predetermined duration of the game with the winner being the person who has the most cash after all debts have been deducted.

Recommended age:       8 & Above
Estimated play time:      30 Minutes
Number of players:        2 - 6
Difficulty:                       Easy

  • 1x Game board
  • 100x Cards (35 Bargain, 31 Event, 34 Mail)
  • 1x Numbered die
  • 1x Pay Day die
  • 4x Tokens
  • 1x Loan pad
  • 1x Money pack
  • 1x Game guide

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