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Off Track!
Off Track!
Off Track!
Off Track!
Off Track!


Off Track!

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Off Track! by SGAG is a strategy card game where you build MRT tracks to reach your destination, while disrupting others and throwing them off track!

In this game, there are 3 teams:
- Office Lady (Objective: get to CBD)
- School Boy (Objective: get to Ruffles Institution)
- Disruptor (Prevent both red & green teams from getting to their Destination)


Every player starts off with a randomly selected character.
If you're an Office Lady or School Boy, you have to get to your specific Destination, through an uninterrupted track route built from a Home.
The Disruptors have to stop both of them from reaching their Destinations.

How to play
  • Play 1 action per turn.
  • Place Track Cards on the Map to get to your Destination, or play Action Cards to throw the other teams off track
  • Keep playing until the Draw Pile and cards in hand run out.
  • If Office Ladies or School Boys have not reached their Destination by then, Disruptors win!

Recommended age:       9 & up
Estimated play time:       20 - 45 minutes
Number of players:         3 - 9
Game difficulty:               Easy

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