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Monster Misfits
Monster Misfits
Monster Misfits
Monster Misfits


Monster Misfits

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Monster Misfits is a ridiculous card game where dancing, hairy & all sorts of weird monsters battle out in their four different realms for supremacy.

The game is so quick to learn it's perfect for family gathering & for that one friend that dislike games as there is too much to learn. Monster Misfits combines casual game play with strategic elements and 'lovable' monsters.

Get rid of all your cards to win! You can either match the value of a monster from any realm, or beat its value from the same realm. It plays similar to the classic game of UNOs, but with a lot more twists with the additions of Chaos Realm cards.

Use the Chaos Realm cards to wreak havoc against your enemies. But beware! These cards can completely change the game and are not always in your favor.

Base game supports up to 5 players, or you can choose to combine it with another game deck for up to 10 players!


The game is so so simple. Get rid of all your cards to win!

How to play

Each player is dealt 8 cards with each player taking turns in clockwise order.

Place the top card to the deck face up on a play area, that will be the card to start you off. If it's a chaos card place the card at the bottom of the deck and open another until you got a normal realm card.

Take turns by playing cards that match the value of a monster from any realm, or beat its value from the same realm.

You may also choose to play a chaos card to mess up the game or save yourself! Follow the instruction on the card.

Even if you have played a chaos card, you still must always play a realm card to end your turn. If you can play any, then you must draw a card from the deck.

You may play multiple cards at once if they are of the same value.

If an entire round pass where no other players can play a realm card, the pile is dead and goes to the discard pile.

When you have no cards remaining in your hand at the end of your turn, you win the game!


    Recommended age:       8 & up
    Estimated play time:       5 - 15 Minutes
    Number of players:         2 - 5 (Combine 2 decks for up to 10 players!)
    Game difficulty:              Very Easy

    • 52x  Realm Monsters Cards
    • 25x  Chaos Cards
    • 1x  Fancy Rulebook
    Video Guide

    Video Guide coming soon!

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