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Monopoly - Deadpool
Monopoly - Deadpool
Monopoly - Deadpool
Monopoly - Deadpool


Monopoly - Deadpool

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It's as if they think that Monopoly didn't ruin enough relationship. Now comes a new challenger, Deadpool.

Deadpool meets the Monopoly game, like peanut butter & fried trout, it's a perfect match!

In this Monopoly: Deadpool Edition game, you are going to build your own elite team as you purchase the contracts of the world's best mercenaries (Mercs).

Some of them are Deadpool's allies, some are Deadpools from alternate universes & one is just Deadpool in a fancy lil maid outfit. When other players land on your Mercs they gotta pay you a fee, ya know what I am saying?

Get ready to wheel and deal, buying vehicles like a chimichanga truck & stealing friends stuff with the Cheap Shot & Low Blow spaces!


Play until there is only one person left in the room, house whatever. Yeah you heard me, Money talks, Friends & Family walks!

  • Monopoly game with Marvel Deadpool comics theme.   "Really now?"
  • Move around the board hiring Mercenaries & buying Sweet Rides.   "Yeah go get em tiger."
  • Build them Headquarters & D-Mansions to charge more delicious sugary rent.   "Juice em up while you still got the chance, sugar."
  • Steal opponents' stuff with Cheap Shot and Low Blow spaces.   "Hey, hey watch it now I see where you are going with that."
  • Includes taco token.   "Booyah! Now that's what I am talking bout."

Recommended age:       16 & up
Estimated play time:       45 Minutes
Number of players:         2 - 6
Game difficulty:              Easy

  • 1x Game board
  • 6x Tokens
  • 26x Contract cards
  • 16x Dumb Luck cards
  • 16x Pouches cards
  • 32x Headquarters
  • 12x D-Mansions
  • 2x Dice
  • 1x Money pack
  • 1x Game guide.
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