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Monopoly - Cheaters
Monopoly - Cheaters
Monopoly - Cheaters
Monopoly - Cheaters


Monopoly - Cheaters

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Make this wildly different Monopoly game a favorite go-to game for game nights and other fun get-togethers. Lean into those iconic (yet unspoken) Monopoly moments in which rules are bent, money is borrowed, and funny business is welcomed. The outlandish suggestions on the board, cards, and rules encourage players to express their inner cheater to own it all while they buy, sell, dream, and scheme. Fake a die roll, steal some bills from the bank, and even skip out on rent. Complete a cheat to get a reward, but fail a cheat and pay the consequences! No houses in this edition – only hotels – and pretend handcuff unit may leave players ""chained"" to the board. 


Force other players to go bankrupt to win the game! 

  • Players are encouraged to follow, bend or break the rules to win this game.
  • Try to get away with as many cheats as you can
  • Cheat cards tell players which cheats to attempt
  • If you are sent to jail, you will get handcuffed! 

Recommended age:       8 & up
Estimated Play time:      30 Minutes
Number of players:         2 - 6
Game difficulty:              Easy

  • 1x Game board
  • 1x Plastic handcuff
  • 6x Tokens
  • 15x Cheat cards
  • 16x Title Deed cards
  • 16x Chance cards
  • 16x Community Chest cards
  • 16x Hotels
  • 2x Dice
  • 1x Money pack
  • 1x Bank tray
  • 1x Game guide.
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