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Malaysian Dream
Malaysian Dream
Malaysian Dream
Malaysian Dream


Malaysian Dream

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How far will you go to be the perfect Malaysian?

Malaysian Dream by MGAG is an interactive card game that lets you pay, steal and sabotage your way to be the perfect Malaysian.


The game goal is to collect as many dream as you can before the dream pile runs out. You can buy the Dream Cards with Cash Cards in the bank or gain them with Action Cards.

  • Draw 2 cards & play 3 actions per turn.
  • Choice of actions:
    1. Play an Action Card from your hand
    2. Place any amount of Cash Cards into your Bank
    3. Buy the top most Dream Card from the Dream Pile
    4. Use your Personality’s Special Power
  • Keep doing this until the dreams runs out, player with most dream wins!

Recommended age:       13 & up
Estimated play time:       30 minutes
Number of players:          2 - 6
Game difficulty:               Easy

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