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Lord of the Chords
Lord of the Chords
Lord of the Chords
Lord of the Chords


Lord of the Chords

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The Geekiest Punniest Music Theory Card Game

Lord of the Chords is the punniest, geekiest, most secretly educational music theory card game in the world! The card game that musicians play when they're not playing music!

The powers of the Old Maestros have diminished. Without their Lord to keep the harmony, the Chords have fallen into dissonance. According to prophecy, Four Instruments will compete in a dynamic battle to complete the 3 Fated Chords.

There will be Major Stealing, Instruments will be placed Under A Rest, and Chords will get Blocked... Chord Blocked. Not even Minors will be spared.

But eventually, the measure will reach a Resolution, one Instrument will reign
Dominant, a new Lord of the Chords will be crowned, and harmony will rule the lands again.

Lord of the Chords is a game where you take turns to draw cards from the
River and play them. You will be able to see what other players draw and react accordingly. The player who most recently practiced their instrument goes first!


Collect 3 Key Signature Tiles by completing 3 chords. The first player to collect 3 Key Signature Tiles is the Bringer of Harmony, the Destroyer of Dissonance, the Lord of the Chords!

How to play

Game Guide

  • 60 Note Cards (8 Extra B/H)
  • 44 Action Cards
  • 13 Instrument Tiles
  • 12 Key Signature Tiles
  • 8 Tonality Indicator Picks
  • 12 Accidental Tokens
  • 1 Keyboard Box

Recommended age:       14 & up
Estimated play time:       40 Minutes
Number of players:         2 – 4  
Game difficulty:              Slightly Advanced

Video Guide

Video Guide coming soon!

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