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You’ve got one job: protect the VIP. Get them where they need to go.

But today, the streets are crowded, and you’re not the only one out there with a gun. The assassins will stop at nothing to take down the VIP, and they’ll be doing their best to blend in with the crowd. Can you handle the mission? Will you protect the VIP and take out the Assassins, or will innocent bystanders and decoy bots get caught… in the Crossfire.

Deception and Negotiation are your greatest tools. Complete your mission, no matter the costs. Good luck.


Depending on your role & team you are on you will have different win conditions,

Red team aims to gun down the VIP, while Blue team aims to protect the VIP.


Crossfire is an exciting social deduction, hidden role game set in the world of Specter Ops.

Each player has a hidden role which defines their objective. The roles in the game vary by the player count, and there are two ways to play.

Crossfire Mode

In Crossfire Mode, players are split into Blue & Red team. The Red team will try to find & gun down the VIP while the Blue team needs to protect the VIP.

  • Roles are dealt at the start of a round, but it’s not a straightforward deal. The number of roles in the game is determined by player count.
  • First everyone is given a role card (& a chance to look at it).
  • Then everyone pass that card to the left and looks at their new role.
  • Next, every 3rd player shuffles their role cards with their neighbors’ on either side, and deals them back out again – and finally, everyone has their final role.
  • Players then have 3 minutes (timer) to gather information from other players by discussing what roles each of the players saw during setup & also by looking at what role players are claiming to be.
  • Players are free to lie & can say anything but he/she cannot reveal their role card before time runs out.
  • When the timer runs out, players will point their fingers/gun at one other player.

Win Conditions

  • VIP: This player is on the blue team and wins if not shot.
  • Agents: These players are on the blue team & win if the VIP is not shot. Their primary goal is to shoot the Assassins.
  • Assassins: These players are on the red team & win if the VIP is shot. Their primary goal is to shoot the VIP.
  • Decoy: This player is not on either team & wins if shot.
  • Red Decoy: This player is on the red team & wins if the VIP is shot or if the Red Decoy shot by an Agent.
  • Blue Decoy: This player is on the blue team & wins if the VIP is not shot or if he/she is shot by an Assassin.
  • Bystander: This player is not on either team & wins if they are not shot. If they are shot, both this player & the shooter lose. 

Sniper Mode

In Sniper Mode, one player is a Sniper who will attempt to shoot all of the Assassins in play. One player is chosen as the Sniper, and then role cards are put into the game.

  • The roles in the game are the same as in Crossfire mode, although the makeup of the group once again varies by player count.
  • The sniper gets a number of sniper shot cards equal to the number of Assassins in play.
  • From there on out, gameplay is the same as in Crossfire, except the Sniper isn’t part of the card shuffling. The Sniper must place a sniper shot card in front of each player he suspects to be an assassin before the timer runs out.

Win Conditions

  • Once time is up, if all Assassins are shot, the blue team wins.
  • If the Sniper shot a Bystander or the VIP, the red team wins.
  • If neither team has won, the Assassins who aren’t shot reveal their role cards, the Sniper does a 3-2-1 countdown, and if the Assassins shot the VIP but not the bystander, the red team wins.
  • Otherwise, the blue team wins. 

Recommended age:       14 & up
Estimated play time:       5 - 10 Minutes
Number of players:         5 - 10
Game difficulty:              Easy

Video Guide

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