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Crocodile Dentist
Crocodile Dentist
Crocodile Dentist
Crocodile Dentist


Crocodile Dentist

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Classical party game, with an huge appetite for hands & fingers alike!

Crocodile Dentist made its world debut in 1990 and immediately captivated families everywhere. It was one of the best-selling games of the 1991 Christmas season, and has remained popular ever since.

With its super simple set up & game play without any batteries required, its the perfect party game for all ages. 


Avoid picking the bad tooth. Players who press on the crocodiles sore tooth will be in for a nasty surprise!

  • We would suggest to come up with forfeit for the loser before the game starts for a more interesting game play.
  • Set up the game by opening the crocodiles mouth wide.
  • There is no need for dice rolls or any cards drawing, players simply take turns pressing down the tooth of their choice.
  • If the crocodile chomps down on you, you’re out, and the last player left wins!
  • Players that got chomped loses! Act out which ever forfeit that was decided at the start!

Recommended age:        4 & Up
Estimated play time:       5 Minutes
Number of players:         1 - 4
                                       *Can be more depending on how the game is played

Game difficulty:              Very Easy

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