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Cluedo Suspect - Card
Cluedo Suspect - Card
Cluedo Suspect - Card
Cluedo Suspect - Card


Cluedo Suspect - Card

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This is a fast-playing stripped down version of the classic boardgame, Clue. Basically it is the question portion of the game made with a specific set of cards used as the notepad. The detail list of cards varies from the original and the design is in line with the up to date style of nowadays. Play your cards right and you will solve it in no time. Ask question about the Clue characters weapons and locations on your cards to work out who did it, with what and where.


As you expect, the first detective to solve the crime wins!

  • Use your hand of cards to determine the suspect, weapon and location of the crime. 
  • Ask questions until you are ready to zero in on your target and make an accusation. 
  • Every time a player shows you an evidence card, you know it's not in the confidential envelope.

Recommended age:       8 & up
Estimated play time:      15 Minutes
Number of players:        3 - 4
Game difficulty:             Very Easy

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