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Carrom is most easily described as "finger pool". Played on a 29" x 29" wooden board, player take turns flicking larger weighted disc (Striker) at smaller wooden discs (Tiles). The goal is to sink your 9 colour tiles (Black/White), as well as the Red Queen, in the four corner pockets.

The principles of carrom are very similar to Pool, Snooker & Billiards (without the cues). The objective of carrom is to pot all your carrom pieces before your opponent, using skill, determination and a little bit of luck.

Carrom can be played by 4 people just as often as by 2. For the doubles game, partners sit opposite one another and turns proceed in a clockwise order. Other than that, play is exactly the same as for the singles game.


You win by pocketing all of the pieces of your chosen colour first. But it's bit trickier to pocket your last piece as similarly to billiard. You must pocket one of her own Tiles immediately after pocketing the Queen!

How to Play
  • Decide on who goes first, then taking turns using the Striker to hit the Tiles into pockets.
  • If you managed to pocket a tile during your turn, you get to continue! Just like Pool & Billiard.
  • For each strike, the player must position the Striker within the baseline OR on one of the two circles at either end of the baseline.
  • Player must flick the striker with one finger so that it crosses the front baseline - it is not permitted to flick backwards or horizontally.
  • It doesn't matter which piece the striker hits first and it doesn't matter if the striker hits no pieces.
  • Player may only pocket the Queen if that player has already pocketed at least one piece of that player's colour. (Player must pocket one of her own Tiles immediately after pocketing the Queen in order to keep it!)
  • When a player pockets the Queen but does not pocket the following tiles afterwards, the Queen is returned as near as possible to the centre circle by the opponent.
  • Win the game by pocketing all your chosen colour Tiles & the Queen!

Recommended Age:   5 & Above
Estimated Play Time:   15 Minutes & Above
No. of Players:   2 – 4  
Difficulty:   Normal

Video Guide

Video Guide coming soon!

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