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Bounce Off
Bounce Off
Bounce Off
Bounce Off


Bounce Off

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Bounce-Off game is simple for everyone to understand and play, but don't be fooled by the easy instructions, the competition is fierce!

Whether you're playing against others by bouncing balls in a frenzied race to match the card or the (slightly) more civilized turn-based play, Bounce-Off game brings the action and the results are wild!

Bounce-Off is a game that everyone can play, regardless of age. This means families, college kids, and young adults. It's perfect for parties and game nights, and a great way to get the fun going and bring guests together.Set up friendly competitions to see who will be the Bounce-Off champion!

The simple approach and satisfaction of landing your bounce will have you playing again and again and again and perfecting techniques to best your competition.


The first player or team to get three cards matched up with the game board are the winners!

How to play
  • Set up the game by placing the Game Tray on a flat surface between players. After players take the balls of their color and put them in their ball holders.
  • Play as a team with teammates playing across from each other or with 2 players it's every player for themselves.
  • Decide on a hard (Blue) or easy (Green) cards to draw from, or mix them all together and use both.
  • Also decide on which game mode you want to play, you can choose either "All play" in which all players will bounce at the same time. If you’re first to match the design, grab that card quick! Or you can decide on "One bounce" where each player/team take turns. Each player bounces in one ball at a time on their turn. Play is clockwise.
  • Each player/team then proceed to draw a card from the shuffled draw pile & place it face up.
  • Line up the balls of your color in the tray to match the design on the card. If you’re the first to match the design, take the card.Congrats you just made a match!
  • Proceed to re-draw & match 2 more cards & you win the game! You need a total of 3 matched cards to win.
  • The ball must bounce at least once before it settles into the game board for it to count.
  • If a player runs out of balls before the card is matched then they must take one from the board for a re-throw.

Recommended age:        7 & up
Estimated play time:       15 Minutes
No. of Players:                2 - 4 players
Difficulty:                         Very Easy

Video guide

Video guide will be coming soon!

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