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Beware of Bad Dog
Beware of Bad Dog
Beware of Bad Dog
Beware of Bad Dog


Beware of Bad Dog

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Looks like the dog's sleeping. Whatever you do, don't wake him up because when it's disturbed, it gets very grumpy & I am sure you won't like it when it's grumpy!

A simple yet nerve wrecking party game that brings about endless amount of fun & laughter to your parties. Test your nimbleness with this game as you & your close ones attempt to steal the dogs bone when it's sleeping! Watch out though, its you are not careful it will notice & gives you a nasty surprise instead!

Perfect for younger kids & even unsuspecting adults! 


Be the player with the most amount of bones taken from the dog!

  • Place all the bones in the dogs dish & the dog in it's natural sleeping position. It's snoring will indicate that everything is good to go!
  • Players takes turns drawing a card from the card pile & will have to use the tweezers to steal the colour & the number of bones according to the card drawn!
  • Watch out, if you are not careful you could disturb the sleeping dog! Game will continue until either the dog wakes up to some unlucky player or when the bone pile has been all taken.
  • The player with the most amount of bones then wins the game!

Recommended age:        5 & Above
Esitmated play time:       10 Minutes
No. of Players:                1 - 6 players
Difficulty:                         Very Easy


Game contains small plastic part which could be accidentally ingested by young children. Take precaution to keep them out of their reach.

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