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Bears vs Babies
Bears vs Babies
Bears vs Babies
Bears vs Babies


Bears vs Babies

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This is a card game where you build monstrous bears who eat horrible babies.


Build amazing Bears and monsters strong enough to eat the horrible Babies when they attack. The player whose monsters eat the most baby points wins!

  • Shuffle all of the cards together and
  • Deal 1 Bear Head to each player and 4 more cards to each player.
  • Roughly separate the deck into three face-down Draw Piles on the play-mat
  • On your turn, you can do one of three things:

    1) Take Actions : One Action = Drawing a card or playing a card.
    2) Provoke : Take no actions and pick a Baby Army to Provoke instead.
    3) Dumpster Dive : Take no actions and take a card of your choice from the discard pile into your hand.

  • Battles begin when you provoke a Baby Army. On your turn, take no actions and yell "PROVOKE!". Pick a type of Baby Army (Land, Sea, or Air) to provoke. Flip the Babies over and add up the points. ALL players' Monster Armies of the matching type fight in the battle.
  • The player with the strongest Monster Army that can beat the Babies wins the battle and collects the Babies as points. After the battle, all Monsters and Babies that fought go to the discard pile regardless of who won.
  • When a player draws the last card from the last Draw Pile, that player will complete their turn, and then every player (including the player that just drew the last card) will get one more turn.
  • The player with the most points on the baby cards they’ve eaten wins!

(Additional Rules)

  • Number of Actions
    2 Players: 4 Actions Per Turn
    3 Players: 3 Actions Per Turn
    4+ Players: 2 Actions Per Turn
  • When building your Monsters the stitches must always line up.
  • If you draw a Baby Card, you must move it to the appropriate pile on the play-mat. Drawing and moving a Baby counts as 1 action.
  • Armageddon Attack (Bonus Rule) 
    After each player takes their final turn, there will be a final attack in which Baby and Monster types are ignored. All the Baby Armies left on the table will combine forces to attack all players. The player with the strongest combined Monster Army who can beat the combined Baby Army will win the battle and collect the final points. (Otherwise, the Babies win and no one collects the final points.)


Suggested age:   10 Years old^
Play time:   20 Minutes^
No. of Players:   2 - 5
Difficulty:   Normal

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