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Been through times where you have bought games on impulse then realize that you only ever play them for a few times & they start contributing to dust collection while taking up space in your house?

You normally would consider re-selling them. But is the time & effort you spend worth it for that few games?

Wouldn't it be better to invest your money where you spend LESS but yet getting MORE out of it?

No more comparing of retail prices, no need to fuss about where to store them too. You get to fully enjoy them at their finest & return them to us when you are done with them. Simply put, You get the best of both worlds.

Welcome to FrenemySG, Singapore's one-stop station for your social gathering entertainment needs.

Board, Party & Console Games at Frenemy

 Everyone deserves a break and enjoy the little things in life.

We work & study tirelessly all day & even all night, trying to meet deadlines, submitting reports, resolving issues amidst the already hectic & chaotic society we live in.

You look forward to the next time you can take a break & spending quality time with your friends & family.

Perhaps your close friends has invited themselves to your house to chill. Or you & your friends & family have been organizing a Party, Chalet/Resort or even Stay-cation just to wind down & relax.

Imagine all the fun you could have bonding over attempts at trying to remember our national pledge with Board Games like Singaporean Dreams, duke it out over high score with Consoles in VR Beat Saber or even co-op with them in a mission to save your kitchen in Overcooked!?

We envision to make that into a possibility for you to have the ease of access to hundreds of entertainment options for you to choose from to keep you, your friends & family entertained for hours.

Singaporean Dream Card Game at Frenemy

 Comfort of your own space.

There are definitely times where you just wish to spend time at home in your own comfort zones or maybe throwing a party at your house, function rooms, Chalets, Resorts or Staycations!

Our mission @ Frenemy is to provide you with accessible & affordable solutions to your social gathering needs!

We have wide range of entertainment available for rental & purchase all at attractive prices. They will be packed & delivered straight to your doorsteps, We would even pick them up after you are done with them if you are taking our rental packages from us. All fuss free to ensure that you, your friends & family get to enjoy yourselves to the fullest without any other worries!

Start by browsing our Collections to see what are your available options!

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Board, Party & Console games at Frenemy 

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