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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Frenemy?

Why Frenemy when there is Board game cafes?

How do i get started?

How do I join as member & is there any fees involved?


What are the rates for your rental services?

How many days in advance do I need for renting the games?

How long am I able to rent the games for?

Can I extend my rental duration?

What would happen if I return the rentals late?

What are the details that I have to provide for rental?

Delivery & Collection

What are the delivery options? (Rental)

What are the delivery options? (Sales)


What are the return options?

How much for your delivery services?

Do you ship internationally?

Damages & Missing pieces/parts

I received the game with damaged/missing pieces!

What if I damage or lose parts of the games?

Payments & Deposit

Any deposit required? (Rental)

What are my payment options?


What if I need to cancel or change my order?


Loyalty program

Games Related

Wait! What if I do not know how to play a specific game?

I am looking for a specific game, but you don’t carry it. Can I put in a request?

What if I require a customized package for my business/event?

I am creator of xxxxx games, will you be able to feature our games here?